Meet Tracy, the woman behind the tulle

I never wanted to wear a wedding dress, I was never the girl who planned her wedding as a little girl or wanted the princess dress and the happy ever after…

…Then I met my husband and everything changed. Suddenly I was knee-deep in a land of tulle and navigating a world of wedding glamour where I felt as an older bride with an imperfect figure, a little out of my depth.

It was a few years later before the world of bridal beckoned my name and quite literally landed on my lap, when I had the opportunity to own and run a bridal business of my own. I haven’t looked back.

Nowadays it’s my job to navigate the lace, the luscious designs and chapel length veils, and I can honestly say, I love every single silk-filled second.

People always comment on how glitzy my job is and although this is true and my days are filled with an exquisite amount of elegance and serious amounts of sparkle, what really makes this career so fulfilling and fabulous is the women I get to meet and discovering their story as well as their style.

It turns out I’m not the only bride who isn’t body confident, I’m not the only one who is slightly older walking down the aisle. This career has changed everything for me, unlocking a world of glamour and a host of women who inspire me each and every day.

A boutique you can truly put your faith in…

It is my dream that Bliss offers somewhere that is not only about tulle but also about trust. Somewhere you can relax, have fun and a boutique you can truly put your faith in every step of the way to deliver the bridal experience you deserve and make you feel fantastic at every turn.

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