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September 27, 2021

Wedding Dress Shopping Can Be Fun

Wedding Dress Shopping Can Be Fun

Often brides are very nervous when they visit the boutique for the first time. They worry about nothing fitting or looking good, that their bum or boobs are too big/too small or they are too curvy, not curvy enough, too tall, too petite… basically all women love to be critical of ourselves, don’t we? Add to that the nerves of all of the attention being on you, pristine dresses, rails and rails of decisions and big mirrors to see yourself from every angle, is it any wonder we find the experience so intimidating?

But I put together this blog post to let brides know that it doesn’t have to be this way. Shopping for your bridal gown can be (and should be!) really fun. Yes, it’s the most important dress you’ll ever wear but the trick is not to put any pressure on yourself. You might find the first dress you try on is the one but likewise, you might try twenty, it really doesn’t matter, and getting to dress up is half of the fun.

Here are my top five tips for making your boutique experience relaxed and enjoyable.

Be Open Minded

Don’t get too fixated on a particular design. Boutique owners are pretty experienced in different body shapes and dress styles so tell us your vision and try on the gowns you gravitate towards but be open minded to our suggestions too, you might surprise yourself!

Leave your Hang-ups at Home

Easy to say I know but don’t spend the time you have in the boutique criticising your body. You might think bits of your body are too big or small but trust me, there will be a gown to play up your best bits and play down the parts that you’re more self conscious of. But trust your boutique owner – quite often big busted women come into the boutique swearing they don’t want a strapless dress but end up leaving with a corseted sweetheart number that pulls in their waist, supports their chest and accentuates their curves. There is a gown to show off all shapes and sizes.

Don’t Put Pressure on Yourself

Don’t feel any pressure to choose your dress in the first boutique or even on the first visit. Relax and enjoy the shopping experience. Sometimes it’s best not to buy. You’ll know which dress is yours, it will be the one you can’t stop thinking about. Take the pressure out of buying on the day then you can really relax and have fun. This is not

just a process to get a dress, it’s an experience itself that you’ll want to remember fondly.

Avoid Overwhelm

Don’t worry too much about veils, accessories, shoes, garters and headpieces. It can get really overwhelming looking at everything all at once and there’s no need. There will be a dedicated accessories appointment further down the line to try your gown with all of the accessory options. For now, just focus on the dress – how you look and how you feel when you wear it.

Remember you are Celebrating

Lastly, remember, this is a day of celebration. This is one of those major milestones to getting married. If you can, make a day of it. Don’t schedule too many dress boutiques in one day as it can be quite tiring and emotional trying on gowns, two boutiques in a day is plenty. And make sure you book lunch somewhere with a glass of fizz and a bite to eat with your best friends to enjoy your bridal dress shopping celebration. We have lots of fabulous places on Nanlsedan I can recommend.

Less stress, more celebration is the order of the day. Don’t worry, your boutique will support you. When brides visit me I just want them to relax and have fun! This is your day. I’m not there to boss you about or make you look a certain way, I’m there to help you to try on some gorgeous dresses, twirl around, laugh a lot (perhaps cry a little) and find a dress that makes you feel like you at your very best. Above all, I want you to leave with a smile on your face and some special memories. If you’ve done that then I’ve succeeded. Whether you buy a gown from me, that comes second.

For further information on the Bliss Bridal Boutique experience or to book an appointment, give me a call, drop me an email or send me a message on Instagram or Facebook. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Tracy x

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