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January 3, 2024

Green Is The New White: Field To Forest Foundation

Green Is The New White: Field To Forest Foundation

I am SO excited to be teaming up with the amazing @fieldtoforestfoundation. A community-driven project to fund and facilitate tree planting and create wildlife habitats on local farmland.

For EVERY bride who purchases their dress from Bliss, I have pledged to plant a tree. My way of giving something back to the environment.

I will be working with Woodland Valley Farm, a local farm in Ladock, where these trees will not only allow me to offset some of my carbon emissions they will also be improving biodiversity.

Every bride when they purchase their dress will receive a personalised certificate where you can dedicate your tree to a loved one. Or even yourself as a couple. Looking forward to the joy of finding ‘THE ONE’ in the knowledge that a new tree will be growing in Cornish soil when you celebrate your wedding day in years to come.

I believe this will be a unique and beautiful long-lasting way for any bride to add an element of sustainability to her wedding.

This will also mean that the wonderful moment of finding and purchasing your dream dress now comes with a positive step for the planet too.



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